Our Story

At QIMA we are on a mission to offer our clients smart solutions to make products consumers can trust

About us

QIMA is more than a testing, inspection, certification, and compliance company; we're on a mission to offer our clients smart solutions to make products consumers can trust.

With a global reach spanning 100+ countries, we serve the consumer products, food, and life sciences industries, supporting over 30,000 brands, retailers, manufacturers, and food growers.

We combine on-the-ground expertise with digital solutions that bring accuracy and visibility for quality, safety and compliance data.

What sets us apart is our unique culture: 5,000 Qimates live and make decisions every day by our QIMA Values. With client passion, integrity, and a commitment to making things simple, we disrupted the Testing, Inspection, and Certification industry.

What we do

Within the consumer products, food and life sciences industries we offer a full suite of services:

  • Testing: physical, chemical or cybersecurity performance testing. Assessing the characteristics and efficacy of products and materials, in our network of labs

  • Inspection: assessing the quality and quantity of production lots

  • Audit: visiting manufacturing, processing and food growing sites, to assess their conformity to quality or sustainability requirements

  • Certification: issuing certificates against accreditation scopes to attest that products, sites or people conform to given standards

  • Professional services: supporting our clients with technical advisory services, outsourced R&D, training or consulting

  • Software solutions: building innovative platforms and tools to help our client digitize their quality, safety and compliance processes

  • Innovation: providing state-of-the-art R&D to drive our clients’ business into the future

Our solutions help our clients:

  • Increase product quality and safety through their manufacturing cycle

  • Substantiate their marketing or technical performance claims

  • Reach their ESG and sustainability goals

  • Conform to regulations

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A story of growth, diversification & innovation

Founded in Hong Kong in 2005, QIMA now employs more than 5,000 employees in 60 offices and labs and operates in over 100 countries.

Originally focused on the consumer products industry, over the years we have expanded to cover the needs of clients in the food and life sciences industries, either by developing our own technology and services or through external acquisitions.

Here are some of the notable milestones on our journey:

2005: launch in Hong Kong under the name AsiaInspection

2007: recognized by the E-Business of the Year Award by Alibaba, and the SME of the Year Award of the French Chamber of Commerce in China

2011: first entry in the food industry

2012: expanding our service footprint in Africa and Latin America

2015: the acquisition of ANSECO Group amplifies our global testing lab network with additional US and Hong Kong locations

2016: acquisition of Produce Inspectors of America (PIA) to strengthen our food services, followed by WQS (2019), IBD (2021) and Certis (2022) to grow our food safety & certification capabilities

2017: SASO accreditation, allowing us to offer product compliance services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2018: our rebrand to QIMA shines a spotlight on our global service footprint and full suite of quality and compliance services

2019: entry in the life sciences field, with the acquisitions of BioAlternatives and Synelvia, followed by Newtone and Monasterium Lab in 2021 and 2022 leading CROs in the Cosmetics, Dermatology and Pharma/ Biotech industries

2020: acquisition of NYCE to increase our Latin America footprint and testing & certification capabilities, followed by Hansecontrol in Germany, establishing our first large scale testing lab in Europe

2021: we launch QIMAone, our SaaS platform allowing brands and retailers to collect quality data through their entire supply network

2022: entry in cybersecurity testing with the acquisition of CCLab, followed by QuantiLAB and QwaliLAB (2023) to further grow our capabilities in the food & feed testing space and our entry in the commodity Inspection industry with CIS

Digital intelligence meets human excellence

Since day one, we digitized the Testing, Inspection and Certification industry by taking it online, and invested heavily in our tech teams worldwide to help our clients manage quality, safety and compliance data quickly and easily.

Today, we offer our clients the best of both worlds by combining human and artificial intelligence to offer a predictive and risk-based approach to quality, safety and compliance. With collaborative software and professionals in the field, we unlock the value of supply chain data and help our clients in the consumer products, food and life sciences industries achieve quality excellence.

A note from our CEO

"As global trade continues to increase, and supply chains get increasingly complex, buyers from brands, retailers, importers need increased visibility and control over their manufacturing worldwide.

Our ambition at QIMA is to make it easier for our clients to control the quality and compliance of their product and suppliers through the use of our services and the real-time supply intelligence we offer them."

Sébastien Breteau, CEO