Our hardline expertise ranges from toys, E&E, homewares to gifts & premiums. With our dedicated inspectors and auditors, lab testing capabilities, we can help you ensure quality products and supply chain compliance

QC Tailored for the Hardline Industry

Quality control and assurance in manufacturing varies widely. With such a diverse array of hardline products ranging from toys to furniture, the required quality standards are various and complex contingent upon the destination market. QIMA’s online platform makes it easy for hardline importers to use off-the-shelf customizable checklists to meet the requirements of their manufacturing process. These checklists are then followed by inspectors in the factory and ultimately ensure your unique product is safe and compliant with international standards.

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Hardline Expertise

QIMA's hardline expertise helps to ensure safe and quality products including:

QIMA helps hardline importers source safely and avoid costly defects by providing an array of customizable hardline-specific product checklists, including:

  • Endurance & Performance

  • PCB Assembly and Circuitry

  • Visual and Functional Requirements

  • Dynamic and Static Tests (standard and custom)

  • Inner Structure Review

  • Safety Testing

  • Workmanship Checking

  • Eco Design

Lab Testing for Hardline Products

QIMA is accredited to test according to national and international standards. Ensure your product meets hardline product standards for your destination market with laboratory testing including:

  • ASTM


  • FCC Testing

  • ISO

  • LFGB

  • LVD

  • RED

  • CE Testing

  • EN 71 Testing

  • Physical Tests

  • Reliability Tests

  • Heavy Metal Tests

  • Material Composition Analysis


  • RohS Conformity

Certifications for the Hardline Industry

QIMA offers certification for a wide variety of hardlines, which allow you to demonstrate superior product quality and safety to your consumers: