Initial Production Check (IPC)

Our initial production checks are used to catch any issues that might affect production at the earliest stage possible

What is an initial production check (IPC)?

An IPC is an on-site product inspection performed from before your production begins up until 20% has been completed.

In an IPC inspection, inspectors check the quality of raw materials and the first items produced in a production run. They are used to identify quality issues early on in production and to prevent them from causing bigger issues further down the track.

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Why perform an IPC?

There are a number of good reasons to use an IPC inspection:

  • Enforce quality standards early on and provide an early-warning system for potential issues

  • Lower the likelihood of having to correct defective products at the end of a production run

  • Identify and potentially mitigate disruptions that may appear at the outset of production

  • Verify the quality of raw materials that have been supplied

  • Ensure that the factory has set up the production run correctly and that all of your brand’s specifications are clearly understood

  • Gain confidence that quality standards will be met

What checks are carried out?

Firstly, the QIMA inspector will randomly select a sample of products to inspect using the ANSI/ASQ Standard Z.1.4-2008 sampling standard.

The checks that are then carried out are tailored to match client requirements and the product in question. QIMA has an extensive range of off-the-shelf inspection checklists available that are designed for particular products. Clients can use these off-the-shelf checklists. Otherwise, where they require specific alternative checks to be carried out, they can add to one of these lists or create their own unique checklist.

Initial Production Check (IPC)

QIMA conducts a comprehensive DUPRO inspection that involves a series of meticulous checks, typically including the following:

  • Raw material and production process check

    • Raw material quantities

    • General conditions of storage

    • Manufacturing processes to be followed

    • Production organization and status

  • Product specifications checks:

    • Quantities of semi-finished, finished and packed products

    • Product colors

    • Product style and construction

    • Artwork including spelling, fonts, dimensions, positioning and general design

    • Labels including main labels, care labels, size labels and product tags

  • Product dimensions check

  • Other product-specific checks and tests to verify quality and workmanship

  • Packing and packaging checks:

    • Unit packing

    • Inner packing

    • Outer packing

    • Export carton dimensions and weights

    • Shipping marks on cartons

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What happens after an IPC is completed?

Clients receive a detailed inspection report, delivered on the same day as the inspection and accessible via their online QIMA account. The report outlines the findings of the inspection, including photos of any defects found, and gives an overall pass/fail outcome.

It should be noted that, while having an IPC carried out will set production off to a good start, an IPC alone is not enough to ensure the quality of your finished products. We advise combining an IPC with a pre-shipment inspection (PSI), which checks your products once the full quantity has been produced. If a PSI is not carried out, you run the risk that your factory could ship bad quality products despite your IPC.

QIMA expertise

QIMA provides independent quality control designed to protect your business interests. Our highly trained and experienced inspectors are product experts who receive regular training in their field of specialization.

QIMA inspectors can be onsite at your factory within 48 hours of booking, and reports are provided on the same day as the inspection.

Our inspections can be carried out on all types of consumer products including, but not limited to, apparel and footwear, toys, electronics and furniture.

Take your quality management online

QIMA offers an intelligent online platform to help you seamlessly manage your quality control and global supply network.

You can easily book, cancel or reschedule inspections, make payments or download your inspection reports with a few clicks. We also provide a customizable dashboard with all of your quality control data, so you can identify trends and make informed decisions in real-time.

The QIMA benefits

Independent quality control performed by product experts to protect your business interests.

Global coverage in over 100 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America.

Speed and flexibility with an inspector onsite within 48 hours; modify or cancel up to the day before inspection.

Same-day inspection reports tailored for your product.

Online program management book inspections, make payments and download detailed reports.

Custom quality dashboard to identify trends and make informed decisions in real-time.