Production Monitoring (PM)

Our production monitoring service puts an inspector on your factory floor to continually monitor production

What is production monitoring?

Production monitoring is a specialized on-site inspection performed to verify the production status and the inventory of raw materials.

An inspector examines your factory and checks the quantity of the raw materials and accessories required for your products before production. Detailed reporting for the entire or specific production cycle of your product will be carried out.

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Why perform production monitoring?

  • Keep your factory accountable from start to finish of the production run

  • Maintain control and visibility of the entire production process

  • Detect the possibility of any sub-contracting

  • Early identification of production delays

  • Identify poor internal quality control from suppliers

  • Identify poor warehouse or production environment

  • Confirm if the factory’s declared production capacity is feasible

Production monitoring that is completed as a single intervention can only provide a general sense of the overall production status. When carried out consistently over a predetermined period i.e., weekly, the production status can be continuously followed up for a more accurate timeline and improved quality control.

Production monitoring process

A typical process includes the following checks:

  • Availability and planning of raw materials and accessories

  • Production organization and status check

  • Production process and an internal factory review

What’s the outcome of production monitoring?

Clients receive a detailed inspection report regarding production completion status, accessible on their online QIMA account. The report outlines the findings of the inspection, including photos of any failings and an overall pass/fail for the inspection.

Production monitoring does not control the quality of your products or corrective action plans for improvement, so we recommend pairing production monitoring with a quality inspection during the production using AQL sampling and/or focusing on root cause analysis and corrective actions for improvement during production.

QIMA expertise

QIMA provides independent quality control designed to protect your business interests. Our highly trained and experienced inspectors are product experts who receive regular training in their field of specialization. Inspectors can be onsite at your factory within 48 hours of booking.

Our inspections can be carried out on all types of consumer products including, but not limited to, apparel and footwear, toys, electronics and furniture.

Take your quality management online

QIMA offers an intelligent online platform to help you seamlessly manage your quality control and global supply network.

You can easily book, cancel or reschedule inspections, make payments or download your inspection reports with a few clicks. We also provide a customizable dashboard with all of your quality control data, so you can identify trends and make informed decisions in real-time.

The QIMA benefits

Independent quality control performed by product experts to protect your business interests.

Global coverage in over 100 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America.

Speed and flexibility with an inspector onsite within 48 hours; modify or cancel up to the day before inspection.

Same-day inspection reports tailored for your product.

Online program management book inspections, make payments and download detailed reports.

Custom quality dashboard to identify trends and make informed decisions in real-time.