Mexico Nearshoring for U.S. Brands: Advantages and Challenges

This quick guide will give insight on:

  • The background of U.S. nearshoring in Mexico and Latin America

  • Current state of play for Mexico sourcing

  • Advantages and challenges of Mexico nearshoring for U.S. buyers

  • How QIMA can help

Always an important trade partner of the United States, Mexico has seen increased interest as a nearshoring destination for American brands and retailers over the past few years. While sourcing from Mexico offers U.S. buyers a number of advantages, such as geographic proximity and preferential trade terms, businesses doing business with Mexican suppliers must also be aware of the challenges specific to this market.

While full-fledged reshoring of American supply chains still remains out of reach, more and more U.S. based businesses are interested in buying closer to home, and choose Mexico as their nearshoring partner. Buying from Mexico allows American brands and retailers to shorten their supply chains, save on transport costs, and enjoy tariff preferences – but there are also a number of challenges that businesses must be aware of when expanding their sourcing network south of the border.

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