C-TPAT Audit Report

C-TPAT audit risk assessment overview

A QIMA C-TPAT audit provides you with an objective third-party evaluation of your supply chain’s security. Our C-TPAT audits are conducted by trained QIMA security professionals who are up to date with the latest security regulations. Our auditors cover all major aspects of supply chain security and will work with you on specific areas upon request.

The final C-TPAT report is accessible through our online portal and provides you with an overall assessment of your supply chain’s security strengths and vulnerabilities, including specific findings and a corrective action plan. Every report is complete with photographs for all findings, so you can see exactly what our auditors see.

Every C-TPAT audit covers the following areas:

  • Personal security

  • Physical security

  • Storage and distribution

  • Shipment information controls

  • Information access controls

  • Contractor controls

  • Export logistics

  • Records and documentation

  • Facility photos

  • CAP in Chinese and English

What a C-TPAT Audit Means for Your Brand

Although C-TPAT is a voluntary government-business initiative, it is designed to improve international supply chains and U.S. border security, and compliance with it secures your supply chain. Cooperation with the best practices of U.S. Customs and Border Protection will help you ensure the integrity of your security processes and reduce the risk of complications during customs clearance. Know where you stand when it comes to the security of your supply chain, and gain the peace of mind that you’ve done your part in ensuring safe international trade.

Easily Schedule Your C-TPAT Audit Online

Our online platform and mobile application make it easy for you to schedule a C-TPAT audit and receive your results at any time. Book new audits, view pending audits, and access results from your mobile device. Our online platform provides valuable supply chain insights, including a summary of your QC activity, all of your supplier’s quality stats, industry benchmarking data, and more.

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